Black By Design 
Fine Art and Ceramics with a 'Black Theme'
from Black by Design
 Why ‘BLACK by DESIGN’ ?

Black means a few different things psychologically, some with negative connotations, but not here!

Black is a powerful colour, with no gender-specific qualities and so within an art context it can be appealing to all. It is mysterious, bold and indefinable and is an important aspect of all artworks on this site.

As black is most intense against a white background it is perfect for Raku style ceramics. In addition to white, the unpredictable spectrum of metallic colours this process can produce, never fails to excite.

All ceramic works are hand built and all collections have 'black' as a major characteristic.

The hand building and Raku processes mean that it is impossible to replicate a piece exactly, this uniqueness is one of the major attractions of this type of ceramic art.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Raku pieces featured, please email me or click this link to my ETSY shop. 

If however the piece is unavailable, you may wish to commission something similar and  we will do our very best to meet your design needs. 

The art works in each of the 'Traditional' and 'Contemporary' Galleries can be commissioned as quality Giclee Prints.

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So what is Raku?

Raku is a pottery technique originating in Japan with instantly recognisable features.

Pieces can be thrown or hand built, however all our pieces are hand built.

After the piece has been constructed and has dried out, it is then bisque fired in an electric kiln. After cooling the piece is then glazed and placed in a Raku kiln for a second firing.

Pieces are taken from the Raku kiln while they are still glowing red and are placed in metal container lined with combustible material. A lid is placed on the container which starves the pieces of oxygen and creates a reduced atmosphere around them.

It is this reduction in oxygen that gives the Raku glazes their huge variety (and unpredictability) of colour. During the extreme temperature change from the kiln to metal container, crazing of the glaze very often occurs.

The other major aspect of this process is the change in colour of the unglazed areas on the piece, to a black or charcoal grey.

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