Art by Marie at Black by Design
My name is Marie
I have always had a passion for things creative, but until recent times however, had little or no time to indulge myself. You know how it is, ‘time and no money’ or ‘money and no time’.

I spent many years as a senior lecturer in digital multi-media, but felt the need for a career change and moved into teaching traditional art and design. During this period I felt the need to explore my own art interests and started to put pencil to paper again.

I explored black as the starting point and loved the dramatic effect this had with colour. Nature and the outdoors is close to my heart so naturally a great deal of my work has an organic feel.

I had always wanted to explore clay as a medium, and visited a small 'Raku' exhibition. I was so excited by this style of ceramic art that I immediately booked on to a number of workshops. Soon after that I invested in the tools that would enable me to explore and develop in this field and I now have my own raku ceramics studio.

I love hand building with clay and though I do create other studio pottery and sculptures, the integration of black in the Raku process fits my style.

What more can I say, I just love what I do and I hope  you enjoy browsing the outcome.

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